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Living in Germany does not mean that fun is thrown to the wayside. To the contrary, Germans are a surprisingly fun-loving bunch. Depending on the region your expat adventure takes you to, there are a multitude of festivals and holidays to prove the stereotype of the dull, prosaic, uptight German wrong.

Germany is the birthplace of famous composers like Bach, van Beethoven, and Wagner as well as literary geniuses such as Brecht, Goethe, and the Mann family. Like them, expats in Germany might even be inspired to create something new.

Living in Germany, you should be aware that housing in Germany does not necessarily include light fixtures, kitchen, or bath furnishings. It is not customary for a German apartment to be rented out with a kitchen sink, cabinets, stove, etc.

Most apartment buildings also have a house-cleaning schedule. Each unit in the building has a different chore each week: mopping the stairwell, sweeping the walkway, moving the trash bins out onto the street, etc. This is usually stated in your rental agreement, but be sure to ask your landlord.

Vendome International Property is proud to offer properties from Berlin, capital of Germany which is the most popular city in the country and second one within Europe, the best place in Europe to invest at the moment.

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