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Guaranteed income

First and foremost, we select the tenants very carefully. The tenants have to inform us about their source of income and pay a deposit, which can be used in case they default on payment.


Personalized gestion

We do offer “A La Carte” services to the owners. We can fully manage their property from A to Z or simply can assist them in finding a tenant and leave it with them to manage the property and the rent.


Valued Real Estate

To do the rental valuation of your property according to the market, we request our specialised French team, to visit your property or study well the off plan project as each apartment and villa has distinguish characteristics which needs to be taken into consideration.

Rental department

From the past 5 years, we have been striving to provide best customer service to all of our clients whether they are based in France or overseas. The rental departments are located in our offices in Thonon and Les Gets (ski resort). The finance department is located in Groupe LB’s head office in Thonon.

Our target is to satisfy your wishes and to give you realistic valuation of your rental property.

Categories of services

Yearly rental without furnishing
  • Lease Contract for 3 years renewable
  • The tenant can give the notice 2 months before leaving.
  • The owner can give the notice 6 months before the end of the contract with a good reason (such as to use the property for himself or his family or to sell)
  • We provide this service all around Lake Geneva and in the ski resort.
Temporary furnished rental
  • From 1 to 3 months.
  • This contract is with fixed dates.
  • The apartment needs to be furnished according to a list that our team will provide you.
  • We provide this service in the Ski Resort only.
Holidays rental
  • From 1 to “x” weeks.
  • This is a weekly lease contract, from Saturday to Saturday during the high season.
  • The apartment needs to be fully furnished.
  • The apartment will enter into a category according the services and equipment it provides.
  • We provide this service in the Ski Resort Only.

To provide even more cover, we put you in touch with different insurance companies, who can guarantee your income.

We do provide various types of rental management i.e. A long term or yearly rental for all the locations around Geneva and seasonal or holidays rental for the properties in the mountains and ski resorts.