[:en]Marbella is going to shine!….

The demand for Spanish housing market is expected to improve this year. S&P is predicting that the prices in Spain are set to rise as early as 2021. It seems that the last year helped to open up a new path for Spanish real estate market. There has been high demand of spacious properties with requirements for more outdoor spaces such as garden and large terraces. The demand in rental properties has also increased. The local resident no longer wants to buy a property in the city center, but is looking for single-family terraces house in the suburbs. You may attribute this trend to the new norm of ‘working from home’.

Costa del Sol and Marbella will only endure and will adapt to new circumstances. The extraordinarily positive factors making Marbella so spectacular include, more than any other single factor, the interesting and mixed people from all over the world who have chosen the Marbella area to live all or part of the year, enjoying a 12-month season which is unknown elsewhere in Europe.

Although nothing will be quite the same, Costa del Sol has all that you might wish after the lock down experience.

  • After all, life in Marbella has always been about inside/outside living, and what people needs now it is the the usual style of our properties gardens to feel grass under your feet. Pools and large terraces, great weather and our low density construction signature in the area, a great alternative after so many weeks of being confined to the walls of their homes.
  • Traditionally, many of our property owners in Marbella are already used to working from their homes here (and the reason that makes possible to have such an international community) whether their businesses are located elsewhere in Europe or even in Marbella itself. The result of the lockdowns around the world could well be that many more people will feel more comfortable with the idea of working remotely in the future and give increased urgency to their lifestyle goals. As a result, we are convinced that many will make major lifestyle changes quickly and decide to buy a second residence or semi-permanent home in our lovely low-density, garden-city of Marbella with its unique lifestyle which has made this area so popular for more than six decades.
  • Costa Del Sol and Marbella offers a remarkable health-care infrastructure that must be taken into consideration, with private hospitals and clinics that highlight the extraordinary safety of the area.
  •  If you are part of the potential buyers who had considered the possibility of buying a home here for years, now have the opportunity or motivation to proceed with your plans, we will provide you with the best residential locations and help you to find exceptional properties and good offers.