Vendome property : luxury villas for sale in France

Vendome property : luxury villas for sale in France

France is one of the most famous and fascinating countries in the world, it fascinates foreigners, who consider Paris the capital of elegance and romanticism

France’s appeal is due to the large number and variety of points of interest, the diversity of landscapes, the richness of its wine and food.

In addition to the historical, cultural, and artistic heritage, the temperate climate, and the ease of access and transportation infrastructure,

Not only that but also to the country’s extensive and varied facilities (hotels, restaurants, theme parks, etc).

A survey published in July 2019 shows that international visitors come mainly from the UK (14.6%), Germany (13.7%), and Belgium and Luxembourg (13%). Next in line, around 7.5%, are Italy, Switzerland and then Spain.

As France’s heritage is so rich and varied, we can assure you that a single trip to our country will not be enough to admire the full extent of the beauty of the French landscape.

Most tourists are fascinated by the magic of this country, which explains why the majority of them express their wants and desires of acquiring some French properties.

It is not surprising then to know that a lot of people make this beautiful place in Europe their living dream country.

And they plan to enjoy the beauty of life by living in one of France’s luxurious villas.

In this blog, we are going to present to you what a luxury villa in France can bring to you and what services are available in this type of France property.

What can a luxury villa in France bring?

French luxury villas, splendid residences which make dreams small and large, a haven of unequaled peace.

The villa of luxury in France will be able to answer your needs in any circumstance.

The luxury city of France aims to take care of you, in an idyllic setting and with the calm that you deserve.

Choosing a villa is to ensure a particular comfort by living together in luxury and privacy, equipped with everything you need to live your best life with family or spend vacations with your friends.

If you don’t know what a villa in France can offer you or you are still hesitating if you should move forward with the idea of buying it…

In the next following line, we are going to show you the advantages of living in luxury villas, here we start:

Privacy: all villas have great privacy and quiet with their neighbors.

Since they are usually placed in residential areas with high security, usually 24 hours and infrastructure that limits access to anyone.

That private aspect of this type of modern property is the main reason that drives people to choose villas, it is actually a synonym of peace!

Large terraces / outdoor spaces: all villas have an extension of land where you can enjoy a private outdoor space.

Besides being able to enjoy the beautiful weather of France both in summer and winter.

Breathing in the fresh air, sitting on a terrace with your family and friends to enjoy a hearty meal, or lying down to read a book under the bright sun is priceless.

A luxury villa should have such as gardens and terraces, from which to watch the sunset, or to enjoy a drink under a blanket of stars.

Luxurious decoration for your interiors and exteriors: well-known for their brightness,

Villas they are usually have very bright properties, due to their amplitude and distance from other properties

With appealing architecture and decoration that gives the villas a special touch that assures you to be in a comfortable space that boosts your well-being and guarantees your joy.

Appealing sea views: Luxury villas with sea views are in high demand in France.

Many buyers are looking to purchase luxury villas with stunning views that make their homes unique and special.

Therefore, having a sea view is a privilege that is not available to everyone,

And at the same time, a desire that many owners would like to have in their homes, and especially if we are talking about luxury homes

You can enjoy beautiful and bright mornings with the reflection of the sun in the sea or with a sea in continuous movement throughout the day.

A swimming pool: we can’t talk about a luxury villa if there is no swimming pool in it.

The pool is one of the star features and, of course, it must be private.

As we already mentioned earlier, privacy is one of the most valuable assets.

Taking a dip in privacy and enjoying the surroundings is one of those little pleasures in life that no one would turn down.

What services are available in a luxury villa in France?

Imagine yourself in your hotel, enjoying the spa, or the gym during the arranged hours, with all the other residents.

In a luxury villa, you have all the same advantages, and much more, but everything is privatized just for you. You are a bit like kings of the world in your villa, in fact.

Think of a luxury villa as your complete personal space that only you and your loved ones can enjoy.

Whether you are fond of sports or more inclined to rest, the luxury villa in France is what you need to be able to enjoy what you love.

A luxury villa usually has a swimming pool, tennis court, fully equipped gym.

Many villas have their own features and this is what will make the difference in your decision if you choose to live in a villa.

But everything is also provided for you to feel good in all circumstances by sharing moments with family or friends.

In addition to all this, you will have at your disposal many service providers who will make your life easier.

Where to find the villa of your dreams : 

Thanks to the technology and internet, you can check out the best offers of villas in France just from your home wherever you are…

There are many websites that give you all the information you need to know about the property with its pictures and videos so you can make your “virtual tour” to the property in question.

At Vendome property, you choose the location you want, the budget of the property you can afford and we give you a wild selection of villas and other luxurious properties.

Vendome property aims to make your dream and pamper you as much as they can to ensure the greatest possible comfort, the greatest privacy with dozens of activities at your disposal.

Vendome property offers you all that you need!

Vendome Property is a specialized international group in consulting when it comes to real estate investments.

We have a competent team of advisors who will make sure that your luxury home has everything you want after learning about your needs and preferences.

Offering a personalized service is one of our most rooted principles and what, finally, differentiates us from the rest.

We work every day to improve and always take care of the smallest details to make your stay an unforgettable experience.

 On our website, we have plenty of villa for sale offers in different places in France such as Saint Tropez, cap Ferrat, and more.

 Places that will absolutely impress you and you will be able to find the right villa for you that fulfill all your needs and desires.

Vendome property, with all the expertise we have got through the long history of our group by working with people from around the world…

We do our best to make you feel as good as possible and experience the luxury French life you deserve!

We are at your service, contact us to take care of everything. We will be happy to do it!

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