Cortijo Del Golf

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    1 Rooms Apartment

    Starting Price : 288,000€

    New residence in the heart of FERNEY VOLTAIRE

    Only 7 km from the Center Affaires district and 1.1 km from Geneva airport, we offer you this new project in the heart of ferney voltaire. Apartments from studios to 5 bedrooms with balcony, terrace or private garden. Close to shops, future residents can reach all everyday amenities in less than 10 minutes by walk. In this cozy atmosphere conducive to well-being, the apartments offer that parenthesis of calm and comfort that everyone seeks when returning home. Private garden, intimate balcony or large terrace extend the interiors with amplitude and assimilate to real living rooms in the open air. All of its open-air living rooms are quite spacious

    A Strategic Location



    Town centre



    6 Reasons to Invest now!

    • Strategic location in a consolidate area
    • All the services in a natural environment of spectacular beauty
    • An after – sales service that take care of everything;
    • A perfect real estate investment,
    • Possibility to make your investment more profitable by adding the property in the Rental Program
    • The magnificent weather and the unparalleled lifestyle in the Marbella area, are once again attracting investors from all over the world.

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