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About Us

About Us
Real estate Consultant and Developer

Real estate Consultant and Developer

Vendome International Property – Real estate Consultant and Developer:

we are located in Dubaï and are part of the GROUPE LB established in 1980 in the famous Spa town of Evian-Les-Bains, near Geneva. We are a developer in France for more than 35 years, and we offer the best properties in France, Spain, Morocco, and Thailand.

To advise you at each step of your real estate investment, our team is at your disposal to understand your needs and guarantee the best purchase. You are interested in a real estate investment, in France, Spain, Morocco, or Thailand and you would like to benefit from the best solution according to your needs and expectations?

Our mission is to guide you in your real estate investment in Europe or in Thailand. Vendome International Property


Our History

  • Closure of the notary service in embassies

    Thanks to our close collaboration with a notary specialising in international law, we have set up a system that allows signatures to be made in local authentic form, without our clients having to travel to France. Since 2021, all procedures are now carried out in the form of electronic signatures.

  • Launch of Our Expat Department

    France offers great investment opportunities, especially in Real Estate. French expat’s have special needs for their investment, and a dedicated team has been created to answer their needs: Assets study, Financing, research of the best property to achieve client’s goals.

  • Invest In Spain

    Many of Vendome International Property clients were requesting advice to invest in Spain. Marie Mahmouch took time to visit Spain and especially Costa del Sol, to study the market and the law. A dedicated team has been created for our clients looking to invest in Spain as there are lots of interests and opportunities.

  • Moving from Abu Dhabi to Dubai

    Vendome International Property, the regional head office in Middle East, moves from Abu Dhabi to Dubai. Vendome International Property decides to market projects of not only France but other major real estate markets around the world.

  • Partnerships signed with new developers

    Marie Mahmouch signed up to represent other developers from the Geneva Lake area. She selected them according to the location and quality of their construction, to respect the special needs of our clients. During this year, again, to answer to clients special requirements, Vendome International Property started to develop other areas such as Paris and Côte d’Azur.

  • Creation of a new branch in Kuwait

    Vendôme International Property opens a new branch in Kuwait, in partnership with a very well-known and reputable AL KAZEMI family. Both offices were in charge to market together different projects every year, in collaboration with the Head Office in France.

  • Creation of the first office in Middle East: Vendôme International Property

    In order to represent our investors in these regions, Bailet Holding launched their international property consultancy firm in September 2010 under the name “Vendôme International Property” in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.

  • Launch of “Les jardins d’Hermance” Project in Veigy

    With the help of client’s feedback and understanding their requirements, Laurent Bailet launched first of its kind, a villa compound in Geneva Lake region. The project is known as “Les jardins d’Hermance”. It was delivered in 2010.

    The project was an instant hit and did accelerate our business with Middle East. This allowed us to introduce a new branch of customer service called LB Privilege services.

    The main objective was to manage all the 40 villas in the absence of their owners. LB Privilege services provide tailor-made solution to meet owners’ requirements which includes managing owner’s post, tax declaration, utilities and keeping their homes well-maintained.

  • Laurent BAILET becomes the CEO of the Groupe.

    Claude Bailet transfers his company to his son. He developed the business and created all real estate services.

    Over the years, we have been developing properties around Lake Geneva, the famous Ski resort of Les Portes du Soleil and more recently partnering with other developers in Paris and the Cote d’Azur. Within the last 10 years, the emphasis on investment has brought us more and more into the Gulf and the Middle East.

  • Launch of “Le Lemaniaz” residence in the heart of Evian

    Claude and Laurent Bailet launched in the hearth of Evian city centre, a project which offers them the door to the Middle East market.

    Le Lemaniaz is located at the entrance of the walking street of Evian, and 200 meters from the Lake with its harbour, promenade and restaurants.

    Le Lemaniaz was also the first project with a modern architecture including large window overlooking the Lake. Today 90% of the residence is own by GCC citizens.

  • The son of the founder joins the business

    Laurent Bailet has been graduated from university and joined the family business. He was in charge to create and develop a new business which was the real estate agencies for the resale properties market..


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